Team Chlorine's Pool of Radiance Mods


Wizard Mod
Play as a wizard! Well, just superficially for now. Int instead of Char bonus to spells and Feat & Spell progression changes to come! - Ormyrr Jabba,


Corrected 3E Experience Hack
Backup your monsters.mon file in your "Pool of Radiance/Data" directory. Copy the monsters.mon file to your "Pool of Radiance/Data" directory. Send feedback to Thanks! - Ormyrr Jabba

Click here to play Monster Characters with Team Chlorine's newest hack!
Download to the root of your Pool of Radiance Directory. Again, send feedback to Thanks! - Ormyrr Jabba

Elves = Drow
Humans = Cult
Halflings = Undead
Dwarves = Lizardmen
Half-Orcs = Orcs



Other Pool of Radiance Hacks

PoREdit v1.9 - Character Editor

Black Adder - Save Game Editor from TeamBG

PoR Speed Control Utility - EXCELLENT utility, very helpful!

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